"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" -Rachel Zoe

Restylelife means to notice the beauty in your life and capture it. It's simply taking the time to watch a sunset, having more awareness of special moments, and enjoying all the best things that make up our day. An added bonus is capturing some of these things in a photo so we can look back at it and smile.  

I enjoy all different areas of photography, from product to artistic and everywhere in between. If you are interested in working with me please DM me on instagram @restylelife. I'm always up for a new adventure so please reach out!   


PC: Gigi Pip

Gigi Pip

PC: Gigi Pip

I am partnering with Gigi Pip and could not be more excited! But beyond that, I am feeling more motivated, confident, and inspired.  My favorite thing about this brand, besides having the cutest hats ever, is their support of women.  Their statement is "we want all women to feel confident in the hats they wear" and lately that has been a challenge for me.  Since deciding to pursue photography as a profession I have seen how competitive and difficult it can be to get my name out there. I've been a little discouraged feeling like photographers are a dime a dozen, but from the beginning I knew this would be a challenge. Gigi Pip has given me a good reminder that I wear lots of important hats.  I wear a mom hat, a nursing hat, a wife hat, and more.  It's about being confident in myself no matter what hat I am wearing. Also this brand was established in Utah and I love working with local businesses. If you want to support a brand that empowers women, supports women owned businesses, and is a small business please check them out.

Affiliate link to their website can be found in my profile on Instagram 

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